Managing Fisheries and Environment in Municipal Waters

48th Fish Conservation

48th Fish Conservation Week Ends


Fish conservation week is observed by concerned agencies and the local government units to bring about relevant information, to educate stakeholders and members of the community and campaign against all forms of illegal fishing activities in every fishing village.


Much have been observed in the past that fish conservation week celebration is just mere rhetoric, photo ops and report consolidation perhaps to please the boss or a sheer compliance with stereo type undertaking.


However, there are many fisheries conservation concerns that the Bureau of Fisheries are confronted with say for instance the protection and conservation of Chelinus undulatus locally called Mameng. Trading of this specie is still active in the southern part of the Philippines. Under the CITES rule this specie is banned for trading and no way that the Government should not implement the agreement and its fishery laws.


As activities ended today, I still have doubts that in its entirety, it had not reached, cut across or communicated to even 10 percent of the total 42,025 barangays of the country with conservation campaign.


At any rate, I am still hopeful and optimistic that sooner than soon, the new leadership at the helm of the Bureau of Fisheries can make conservation mandate work and can make it happens.


The issuance of a joint Department of Agriculture and Department of Interior and Local Government Administrative Order No. 1 establishing a Closed Season for the Conservation of sardines in East Sulu Sea, Basilan Strait and Sibuguey Bay is timely act of challenged leadership truly pursuing the mandate of managing and conserving the fisheries.


On positive note, if this Fisheries Administrative Order No. 1 series of 2011 fully implemented in designated areas, the possibilities of replicating in a neighboring fishing grounds is more likely and this will help solve and improve our fish productivity not only benefitting the commercial fishers but the small fishers as well.



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